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Shiatsu is a whole body treatment and it touches us on many levels at once. When done regularly, shiatsu is transformative and will help you see yourself, your health and your life differently. Here are eight ways that shiatsu can change you:

1. It will help you feel more relaxed

Shiatsu will leave you incredibly relaxed, in ways that you may never have experienced before. It will make you stop, listen, let go. You will experience a deep inner peace and calm. If you are usually on overdrive, shiatsu will remind you that it is sometimes good to stop, sit back and let things come to you.  

2. It will make you ready to face the world

People often describe feeling a clear, bright and sparkly mental energy after the treatment. This helps you get on with things; tick off tasks on your list; see a problem in a different light; or simply feel fresh for a new day. Shiatsu will clear the cobwebs and help you see life’s challenges in a new light.

3. It will help you focus on prevention

In the incredibly demanding pace of modern life, it is easy to forget to take care of ourselves until illness strikes. The philosophy of shiatsu sees health as a continuum and at each point we can help tip the balance with our thoughts, feelings and actions. Shiatsu will remind you to take care of yourself and will teach you ways to do this, based on the theory of oriental medicine. As you start feeling better, you will remember to find time for yourself, and take better care of your body, the only instrument you have to experience this life with. 

4. It will allow you to find your own space

People often talk about feeling spacious after the treatment, or more open. At the same time it can feel like tons of weight have been lifted.  Shiatsu will help you redefine your boundaries in relation to the demands of everyday life, so you can safeguard your own needs and renew your ability to pace yourself in response to events and people around you. 

5. It will put you in touch with the things you haven’t yet let go of

The experience of shiatsu is often one of noticing things that you hadn’t noticed before: most people notice how much tension they hold in the body, how muscles are held even where there is no pain. Noticing tension in the body can put you in touch with your history, with things from the past that you are still carrying, that you haven’t let go: feelings, events, reactions. That’s the first step to understand what needs to happen next. If it’s time to move on, you will know it. 

6. It will help you deal better with health challenges

When you receive a medical diagnosis everything in your world can turn on its head. Medical diagnostic labels translate symptoms into an ‘illness’ - and that can make you forget all the different ways you are still functioning in healthy ways. Shiatsu helps you re-focus on the signs of wellbeing, making you feel more whole, as opposed to a fragmented body with healthy and sick parts. Instead of worrying about what’s wrong, you see the bigger picture. So, it all becomes more manageable and you realise how much it is within your control to improve your health.

7. It will help you find a new gear

Many people have shiatsu in times of challenging emotions: the sadness or anger of a difficult divorce, the loss of a loved one, the stress of ongoing illness. Our emotions often determine what kind of ride we will have.With shiatsu you will find a new gear: neither black, nor white, but more even. It’s where emotions have an edge that is less sharp. And the ride becomes smoother. 

8. It will inspire you to seek change

It is not unusual to react with anxiety and fear in the face of change. Even ‘good’ change can feel threatening on some level, because it demands adapting how we do things. Shiatsu and the theory of oriental medicine understands that change is the very fabric of our world. In shiatsu treatments you will experience many small or subtle changes, which make a big difference. By experiencing positive change that you can easily integrate from session to session, shiatsu will set you off on a journey of discovery, where change is the marker of progress.


You are welcome to call or email me to discuss you personal circumstances and ask any questions you may have about the treatment. For more information you can also check out the frequently asked questions.

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Shiatsu is not an alternative to seeking medical care but complements your existing medical treatment. If you are ill, or have concerns about your health you should consult a medical professional.



Health is not simply the absence of disease